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UrbanLink has firm roots in healthcare branding. Our team knows that the patient experience begins with a well-developed brand identity that instills confidence and trust.   

By pairing traditional tactics with innovative solutions, the Link Effect maximizes impact while streamlining effort for value and efficiency. Our branding approach differentiates our clients from the competition by creating a better patient experience while elevating market position and growing market share.


UrbanLink connects our clients with their customers. With interactive and actionable content, we deliver tested messaging packaged creatively to our mobile-powered society. Our team identifies the unique value proposition for each client and product. Leveraging specialized offerings, our campaigns communicate ideal selling points through creative designs and strategic content.


With thousands of businesses in the tech industry, how will your company or product stand out? New technology products and services must have an agile and scalable strategy to thrive in the rapidly changing tech industry. Our philosophy, The Link Effect, applies decades of knowledge and experience to every campaign. From quality content and dynamic visuals to key messaging and outreach efforts, we bring each client the highest quality outcomes and industry expertise.


From key messaging to strategic planning, our team launches power-packed, dynamic campaigns to reach your real estate clients and capture leads to grow your brand. Stand-out branding is essential to set yourself apart in the crowd field of real estate professionals.


In the United States, ten percent of jobs in 2018 depended directly on travel and tourism. The tourism industry is booming, but it’s as competitive as ever. To reach your customers, you need a marketing and communications strategy that speaks to them. The Link Effect inspires travelers with creative imagery and interactive content. Our team specializes in engaging your customers by utilizing progressive ideas, cutting-edge tools, and a customer-centric mindset.


The power of strategic connections is critical to issue management and policy initiatives. Our team features strategists with vital expertise and high-level relationships to leverage for business development, policy proposals, and public affairs initiatives. With the right message and visibility, we bring important conversations to appropriate decision-makers and influencers to energize public affairs campaigns. Our team specializes in activating and integrating grassroots momentum to maximize every effort.

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