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Defining the connection between the Link and the Effect is essential for brand value and a strong bottom line. We’ve developed the Link Effect to power front-line messaging that drives profitability and inspires audiences.

The Link

Connection creates an energetic link, which is a catalyst for powerful change. Connection is one of the six basic human needs driven through related cultures, philosophies, and experiences. 

A consumer’s link to a brand is overwhelmingly reliant on emotion. Compelling brands leverage emotional connections including nostalgia, urgency, fear, and exclusivity. In today’s consumer-driven world, brand choice is highly personal. Emotion leads to a buying decision, while rationalization justifies the decision once it’s made.

Companies that leverage emotions understand that consumers delve into brand values similarly to the way we get to know each other. Brands don’t tell stories, they are stories, and consumers want to know your story.    

Whether your bottom line is measured in dollars or votes, your messaging, marketing, and public relations must seize stakeholders through a compelling emotional connection. It’s the link to your story.

The Effect

An established connection (link) sets the stage as the catalyst for change — the effect. Change is often a systematic and complex process that must be phased in strategically.

The powerful change you experience begins with developing a clear brand strategy that defines your business objectives. The strategies used to reach your objectives are always unique: from broad, multi-layered deployments to more direct, fundamental campaigns.

Regardless, the chemistry of these strategies leads to customized solutions which increase your profitability and brand equity. This culminates in consistent and impactful results linked together by five critical steps:
The first step within the Link Effect begins by understanding your organization’s unique goals, distinguishing key competitors, clarifying your audience, and identifying barriers and gaps that impede business growth.
Defining your brand from the competition is the next step in the Link Effect. How you tell your story is critical. This is where we use the research from step one to conceptualize tactics into visuals, transition ideas into actionable goals, and capitalize on your unique offerings and business strengths.
Your brand is your story. Luckily, storytelling is our specialty, and is the phase we shape your narrative for delivery across multiple channels and through a variety of media.

When optimizing your story, we map a creative strategy targeting a specific objective with measurable and repeatable outcomes. We then establish an online footprint and develop your brand's assets, campaign messaging, project milestones, and KPIs.
Content is just fancy visuals unless it influences behaviors and drives decision making. Your movement phase is as much about staying the course as it is redirecting and reshaping the story as necessary.
Navigating the data-driven 21st century for industry-leading brands is our specialty. In times past, it was difficult to document the reach or impressions of a specific marketing or communication activity. UrbanLink uses the Link Effect to assist with strategic, trackable changes that elevate a brand, business, or initiative beyond the status quo.