Real Estate Brand Strategy

The Challenge

Branding is what elevates your business and industry recognition with potential clients and sets you apart from other agents.  Your brand is your story, which begins with identifying your uniqueness and crafting strategic messaging around it.

As your brand story is built, your strategy for connecting with potential clients must be aligned and deployed. Many real estate agents use marketing platforms and CRM tools to manage and grow their businesses. These platforms vary in functionality and customization but only become effective with coordinated vision and application, proper training, professional customization, and strategic engagement mapping.

The Solution

As experts in the industry, we advise our real estate clients to make the CASE for your services. CASE refers to the key elements for building an effective real estate marketing program: Connection, Advertising, Socializing and Educating.

Making the CASE

The staple of brand building and data capture is a user friendly and mobile responsive website.
Each campaign leverages a theme and utilizes relevant technology platforms to reach targets and capture leads
Social media engagement strategy is must have a consistent cadence and leverage multimedia engagement.
Building your brand means publishing engaging articles to your personal blog, hosting webinars, and demonstrating though leadership in your industry.

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© 2020. UrbanLink Group. All rights reserved.