Integrated Digital Marketing

The Challenge

Current marketing culture is consumer centric which demands evolving solutions for emerging strategies. Like many highly regulated industries, healthcare has a complex regulatory environment to grapple with which can delay the transition to newer marketing strategies. 

Burst Biologics introduced a new healthcare product to the market in 2014 to sell directly to clinicians, with a goal to provide a cutting-edge option for their patients. The cost of marketing the company’s premium product risked the company’s profitability margins.

The Solution

UrbanLink moved the Burst Biologics sales team to a seamless CRM system tied to inbound consumer centric strategies. The system leverages creative content, consistent message tracks and sales automation. Compounding the value of the inbound marketing model, social media strategies increased the company’s reach.

The Results

The results from outbound to the inbound transition included:
Increased close rate
1 million impressions
CPC reduced to 81 cents

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© 2020. UrbanLink Group. All rights reserved.