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The Challenge

CuMo Project is a strategic mineral exploration in Southwestern Idaho, 35 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho. As the world’s largest molybdenum deposit, the exploration is advancing toward development to realize the potential economic benefits including up to 1000 jobs for 100-years in one of the poorest counties in Idaho.

At each phase of approvals and permitting, public support was one of the most critical factors for decision makers.

The Solution

A robust public relations campaign including compelling content and relentless media relations, built stakeholder trust through transparency. Coalition building engaged industry partners to align educational programs and combat opposition messaging that focused on legacy issues from past generations in the industry.

The Results

As a result of these public relations and community engagement efforts governing bodies in the communities closest to the project have passed resolutions supporting CuMo Project.
"Public relations and community engagement are critically important to our industry. The CuMo Project greatly benefited from Noelle Laury's leadership, strategic solutions, and media engagement efforts"
– Trevor Burns, Executive Chairman, Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation

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