Why Aligning Sales & Marketing is Critical for Success

Why Aligning Sales & Marketing is Critical for Success

Why Aligning Sales & Marketing is Critical for Success

Are your sales and marketing teams on the same page? According to Forrester Research, only 8 percent of B2B companies say they have a solid alignment between their sales and marketing teams. That leaves a tremendous margin of people who need to reevaluate their marketing and sales team relationships.

Lack of alignment between sales and marketing teams is a problem for both small and large businesses. Old sales approaches don’t work and cold calling is outdated. Consumer habits have changed dramatically and now require nurturing throughout the lead generation process.

Highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth - while less well-aligned companies reported an average 7% decline in revenue

— The Aberdeen Group

The Alignment Checklist

Now, you may think that that's a small problem to have when looking at a full business model, but lack of alignment causes uncertainty throughout the entire customer journey. Fortunately, we can get you back on track.

Walk yourself through our alignment checklist to get started:

  • Have you created a customer profile (backgrounds, hobbies, and interests)?
  • Have you agreed on an ideal customer persona or series of personas?
  • Have you synced your key performance indicators (KPIs) across marketing and sales?
  • Does your marketing team use customer feedback from the sales team?
  • Does your sales team incorporate messaging from marketing into their pitches?
  • What is your one common goal that both teams are supporting?

Next Steps for Alignment

Are the checkpoints above still leaving you more boxes to check? Here are a few more suggestions to get you thinking about next steps in aligning your internal teams:  

  • Collaborate to find your ideal customer(s).
  • Establish a process to ensure initial customers are being nurtured throughout the sales funnel.
  • Incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like HubSpot for efficiency.
  • Create content together — there should always be an open conversation between departments.
  • Exchange important information and customer feedback.

What Does a CRM do for me?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the missing piece for a lot of companies. How do you keep tabs on all potential leads, continue to nurture them, and close the deal? With CRM, you are able to track and set up crucial tools to guide potential clients through the sales funnel.

Here are some additional benefits to using a CRM:

  • Manage contact and leads
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention
  • Promote up-selling and cross-selling
  • Measure sales performance, conversations, and customer feedback
Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales.

— SalesForce

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s a great example of the value of marketing-sales alignment:

Your marketing team creates an awesome new brochure to help nurture your leads into customers.
The team spends significant time and resources collaborating to make sure this brochure is exactly what the sales team needs.
The sales team receives the brochure and realizes that the content isn’t really what the customer is looking for, and spends time looking for additional content to help support the customer.

There are two problems here:

  1. The marketing team never collaborated with the sales team, so they didn’t truly understand the materials and customer needs.
  2. The resources such as time, money, and print materials were wasted because the sales team didn’t use the content given to them, and was looking for additional content after the marketing team had already supplied them with a brochure.

This is why getting both teams on the same page is crucial to the productivity of your business.

It’s Time to Work Smarter

The lack of alignment between marketing and sales has been failing businesses across the world. If your business if growing, you must align these two crucial teams. Let’s work together to strengthen your communication with your clients across every stage of the customer journey.

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