What’s the Difference Between Marketing and PR?

What’s the Difference Between Marketing and PR?

What’s the Difference Between Marketing and PR?

Is there a difference between marketing and public relations? As companies expand their digital and social presence, the subliminal line between marketing and PR may seem foggy.  

Distinct Differences

It can be confusing but there are distinct differences between the objectives and outcomes for these two strategic communication functions.

Marketing is focused on promoting and selling a product or brand. Public relations focuses on reputation management for the brand.  

For example, a marketing expert is responsible for creating advertising campaigns or market research to tailor campaigns to specific target audiences. In contrast, a PR professional pitches stories to build and boost a brand’s reputation with key stakeholders, the media and industry influencers.

Similarities and Synergy

The best outcomes are in the integrated approach that maps strategic steps for marketing and public relations strategies together in one congruent program.

Marketing efforts are most successful when aligned in collaboration with targeted public relations programming, and vice versa. At the convergence of public relations and marketing is social and new media.  

Influencer Marketing

Social and new media deliver marketing packaged as public relations efforts through influencer strategies. Influencers have carved out their niche with every target demographic, even children.

A popular trend in the toy market is toy reviews featuring videos of kid influencers unpacking and playing with the featured item. There is an ethical concern with this type of marketing, especially, when children are the target.  

Integrated Marketing and PR Strategies

Effective marketing and public relations strategies require careful planning and monitoring to create the intended result. Optimal outcomes are achieved by adapting to rapidly emerging trends and new technologies.

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