5 Visuals for Creative Message Delivery

5 Visuals for Creative Message Delivery

5 Visuals for Creative Message Delivery

Public relations and strategic communication strategies rely on wordsmithing – but doesn’t a picture say a thousand words? How do you incorporate visuals into your strategic communication campaign to deliver emotions that words cannot?  

Visuals help compel your audience to connect with your message, retain the information in the long-term memory, and improve comprehension. Using visuals doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a full videography team but finding ways to draw attention to your strategic messages.  

From small things like color and typography to large-scale graphic design and photography, here are a few ways that visuals can support strategic communication campaigns.


Statistics and numbers stick with people – using data points in a visual element increases readability and retention. Below is an example of a graphic element illustrating facts and figures about Parkinson’s disease.  

Photos and Video

The 21st Century world is hyper-visual and multimedia dominant. More can be said in 10 seconds using a dynamic image or video than a 2-page article on the same topic. Connect your audience with your message or brand through multimedia content. UC Health in Colorado used this video in their stroke awareness campaign!  

Landing Pages

Consider a custom landing page to accompany a campaign. Social media is a great way to funnel traffic to your website. Once the targeted individual is on your site, a landing page can capture contact information, collect data for the campaign and direct site traffic to the most critical information.

Landing pages are also incredibly versatile; they can be a custom link, a new page, or overlay on the homepage which provides pertinent information to visitors!  

Overlay Page — www.BurstBiologics.com

Flyers and Presentations

Flyers and presentations are part of the traditional approach to marketing and outreach.  Some of the most mundane information can be compelling if delivered in a creative way. Try ditching the bulleted lists and add some images!  

Present information that in a way that stands out. The right illustration, like the example from a ULG presentation, draws a clear picture of three main types of media and how they are synergized to build their personalized strategic communication plan.  

Outside the Box Ideas

Find a way to take something that isn’t visual and turn it into a full grassroots campaign! Evan Peter, Creative Team Lead at ULG, directed Safeway’s transition away from plastic grocery bags as mandated by California law.

Under his creative direction, the company crafted a strategic approach to bring awareness and even create excitement around the evolution away from plastic bags through Safeway’s “International Illustrator Series” campaign spotlighting reusable grocery bags designed by artists around the world!  

Powerful messaging coupled with creative delivery will be remembered by your target audience. We can help take your strategic messaging campaign to the next level!
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