The Difference Between Good and Great Photos

The Difference Between Good and Great Photos

The Difference Between Good and Great Photos

You’re looking for some great photos to utilize for your business. Time to take out your phone and snap some pictures, right? Not quite. While your phone’s photos look good on social media, the quality may not be quite right for your business needs. Additionally, just because you’re using a fancy DSLR camera doesn’t mean your photos are business-ready.

Your business needs great photos that match your brand messaging and promote the value of your products and services. Whether you’re snapping the photos yourself or utilizing a photographer, how can you ensure that your brand photos are more than just good? We’ve outlined a few of our favorite tips that the pros use to elevate and manipulate their photos.


Light isn’t just the darkness or brightness in your photography but can set the atmosphere, mood, and tone. Even the best subject won’t look good without the proper lighting –– this means using more than just your camera flash to light your photos.

You can run out and purchase a professional lighting set, including light-boxes, or find other simple tools like bounce cards to improve your lighting. Changing the way shadows and highlights fall on your subject can elevate your photos from good to great!

Coffee and Coffee Beans with and without photo lighting

Placement and Composition

The placement of your subject and the overall composition of your photograph is key to a great shot. While the ideal composition for photos is subjective, it can be broken down into a few considerations. Things like patterns, texture, symmetry, depth, and lines can all be powerful elements that impact your composition and can highlight your subject.

A basic rule for placement is the “rule of thirds” or “two-thirds rule” where the goal is to divide your scene into thirds to balance out your subject with the background.
The balance of placement in your photos along with interesting composition elements can greatly enhance your pictures.


Using focus in your photos can direct your viewer’s attention to the most important aspects of a scene. There are many times where you may not want your entire image to be in focus — a slightly out-of-focus background will draw attention to your subject.

You’ll also want to consider visual depth in your photos. Images like landscapes will have a large amount of visual depth, so you’ll want a sharp image. Try playing around with focus to get a variety of images and find what works best for your subject and your brand!


After you finally have taken your images, they’re ready to use, right? Not quite. The last step that can make your photos truly top-notch is some post-production editing. Enhancements with programs like Lightroom or Photoshop can improve the color, contrast, and tones.

More than just turning your photo from color to black-and-white, color changes to your photos can make your images more inviting. Playing with contrast and tonal range can provide amazing results and draw the eye to your subject! If you’re new to photo editing or aren’t sure where to start with post-production, there are many presets available to get you started until you’re comfortable editing on your own.

Coffee and Coffee Beans before and after post production edits

Images help tell the story of your brand, and with a few simple modifications, you can elevate your good photos to great ones! Start with pre-production lighting and composition, focus on the subject, and finish up with some post-production editing. While it’s a few more steps than just point, shoot, and upload, it will help you create impactful images that give your brand an upgrade.

Want to learn more about how to grow your brand and make an impact with your customers? We know that great photos are a way to tell a story and keep your brand consistent with your message. We’ve got the tools to help you align your images into your brand to ensure your customers hear you loud and clear.

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