Meet the UrbanLink Team: Noelle Laury

Meet the UrbanLink Team: Noelle Laury

Meet the UrbanLink Team: Noelle Laury

Hi there, I’m Noelle Laury. My role at UrbanLink Group is vast and unique, but my official title is Vice President of Client Services. My passion for storytelling transcends into daily life, whether I’m at work or home.

Storytelling has always been a part of my life, from childhood and into my professional life. I use my passion for writing every day and help impact audiences globally.  

What’s the Meaning of Life?

I recently read some research about how our brains are hardwired for storytelling. In some of the research, it is hypothesized that the meaning of life is storytelling. My mind was blown because I totally agree. As we experience the world around us, even from our youngest years, we learn, inherit and shape stories of our own. I know this is true about my life.

During holiday visits, my grandparents would reveal stories regarding their early days growing up in Central and Southern California. From the depression era to post WWII, the cultural and geographical changes they experienced were always an integral part of each tale. There were struggles, discoveries, triumphs, tragedies and urban myths that shaped their lives.

Inspired by Storytellers

Grandpa Curt owned a bar on Hollywood Boulevard and was a stuntman in Errol Flynn and John Wayne movies. One of his favorite stories starred a man called Walt Disney. Disney frequented Grandpa Curt’s bar during the 1930s. As many people do, Disney solicited some advice from his bartender who happened to be Grandpa Curt.


As Grandpa told it, the conversation went something like this…

“People think I am crazy for wanting to make a feature film entirely from animation. What do you think, Curt?” said Disney as he sipped his favorite beverage.

Grandpa Curt answered as any good bartender would, “You should follow your heart, Walt.” Within a few short years of that conversation, Snow White was created, produced and released by Disney which began the feature-length animation dynasty.  

Continued Traditions

This type of storytelling is woven into the tight fabric of our family history and is integral to our current dynamics. From my heritage, I pull from links to my great-grandfather’s public relations work with New York politicians including Theodore Roosevelt and Governor Flowers.  

In our current daily lives, we continue the tradition of storytelling with evening summaries of our day’s events and our camping tradition that we call the “never-ending story”, where each participant takes turns adding to a tale that only ends when the fire dies or the wine runs out.  

Modern-day Storytelling

Most recently, my granddaughter, who is hearing impaired, began seeing a speech therapist. One of the exercises the therapist encouraged the family to use, in order to assist in speech development, was storytelling. As little Lili recounts her day’s activities with the family, her brain is creating pathways that assist with language development and meeting other development benchmarks; a clear example of the power of storytelling.  

As a marketing and public relations professional, I have had the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of each of our clients, products or initiatives to best represent and convey their story which is the essence of each brand. In my daily work, I carry on my family heritage, and arguably, play-out the meaning of life…storytelling!

Telling Your Story

UrbanLink merges fluid and creative alignment of strategic communications programming with business fundamentals to build outcomes-driven campaigns for our clients. Let us tell your story!  

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