A Message from Our Founder

A Message from Our Founder

A Message from Our Founder

You’re probably wondering, “Who is UrbanLink Group?”

In short, we’re a company of creative individuals who want to help your business reach its full potential through marketing. The longer story deserves a few words from our founder, Chris Jones.

A Message from our Founder:

Why Create UrbanLink?

Marketing has always been the heart of my business and has helped my companies find success. Our marketing helped us build Idaho’s first successful biotechnology company, and I decided that our strategy should be shared. Naturally, I wanted to keep the team who helped create my success, so we split off our marketing department and Urban Link was born.

This team is more than just an agency. Each member of our team has a passion for what they do and is constantly inspired by the possibilities that we can offer other companies. All of us have the desire to establish a “link” between an organization and its customers — we can’t wait to share that with you!

Does Your Experience Matter?

You might think to yourself, “Of course experience matters!” But we aren’t just talking about our marketing experience — we’re talking about our business experience.

We’ve gone through the many stages of business that your company experiences. What’s better than working with a company that has been in your shoes? We know the struggles you’re facing and how positioning your brand is crucial to growth — we get you!

As a team, we’re aware of everyday business needs and the consideration behind budgeting for marketing solutions. We understand that businesses need more than vanity metrics like “likes” or “followers” to demonstrate marketing value. That’s why we focus on the measurement of interactions and provide understandable analytics. We know from experience what you need to integrate your business and your marketing to be successful.

What Does ULM Provide?

Here are just some of the services we provide:


  • Your story is what makes you unique — what makes your company different from the rest? We know that you can maximize your impact with customers if you can share your story effectively. We’ve got experience in establishing a brand and finding a voice in a saturated industry, so we know what it takes. Whether it’s a new logo or finding your voice, we can help you define your brand to make an impact!

Web Design

  • Your website is your online storefront to the world — does it reflect your company? Does your website allow your customers to understand what makes you different from everyone else? Your website isn’t just a sleek design, it’s a tool for your brand! We know you need optimal speed and design that expands your presence and represents you.

Media Relations

  • How are you sharing your message? We know that a detailed message is useless without the right channels to share it. Your message should reflect your values and help position your company as a leader in your field. We want to help you connect with your audience with the right message, at the right time, every time.

Digital Marketing

  • Are your efforts giving you results? We’re well-versed in creating content that drives value for your company, with the data to back it up. Our history in business gives us insights into the data you need to make the right decisions for your marketing. Together, we can create a long-term solution by combining the right mix of blog content, social, and paid ads to boost your business.


  • Does your visual content engage your customers? Video can capture your story and increase engagement significantly. We’ve got the data on how video improves your customer interactions — don’t leave out this key component for reaching your customers!

Want to Know More?

Our goal is to blend your creative vision with data-driven decisions. With years of professional experience in business and marketing, the Urban Link team knows what works, and how to best promote your business. While we’re located in Boise, we know that success isn’t defined by geographical boundaries — we’ve never let a time-zone constrict our ability to help a business succeed. Let us be the link between you and your success.

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