5 Benefits of Using a Social Influencer

5 Benefits of Using a Social Influencer

5 Benefits of Using a Social Influencer

The infamous Fyre Festival launched its influencer campaign with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and others under their belt.

The campaign extended beyond the initial launch of a single orange photo on their social accounts, and eventually, over 400 influencers were involved in getting Fyre’s posts in front of millions of eyes. With a spendy price tag ranging from $20,000 to a whopping $250,000 per influencer, the Fyre festival garnered over 300 million impressions in 24 hours.

We’re not suggesting that you need to spend millions of dollars to have a successful influencer campaign, but there is so much power that a good influencer has on your business. Influencer marketing is a booming trend with a trusted viewership that offers a variety of benefits to your business.

Bring on the Benefits

Need more facts about working with an influencer? Let’s take a step back and discuss why influencer marketing is a must for your business. In no particular order, here are five benefits of landing a big-time influencer to spread the word about your brand:

Brings in the Sales

Influencers generate sales! From the minute an influencer recognizes your product on social media, you can detect a jump in the sales. The influencer is an expert, who is valued for their honest opinion of the product. Then, it’s our turn to nurture the customer into a repeat client.

Brand Awareness

How many times have you said, “Oh yeah, I saw that on Instagram”? Probably too many times to count. Having influencers promote your products allows their base of followers to see your products multiple times. So, the next time they see your product, read an ad or see a social post, they feel an initial pull towards that item.

Trusted Expert

Never underestimate an influencer’s media following. Their fan base is what makes them so crucial to a successful influencer campaign. With the right influencer, you can pick your target audience and speak directly to them! Influencers are a trusted voice – their following trusts their opinions because they see the influencer as a friend. When they endorse your product or company, it provides their base with the seal of approval to purchase your products.

Content Creators

Let influencers do what they best: create content. That is how they have such a strong following. They have the ability to create content that they know their consumer will eat up, and that means more free content for you to use! But most importantly, the influencer has a very clear vision of their audience and products. Speaking to their audience about products like yours will be a fluent easy transition for them.

Improve SEO

The great thing about influencers is, many times they maintain several different mediums to get their content out! A mention in their blog is a great way to boost your SEO, which in return will drive traffic to your site and convert initial visitors into customers.

If you pay a single influencer like Joe Wicks or Zoella, it’s no different than paying a celeb to do a TV ad, and quite often the public knows they’ve been paid.

— Andy Thompson, Head of Social & Marketing FansBet

Time to Let Your Influencer Take Control

Ninety-two percent of consumers said they trust an influencer more than they do traditional advertisements. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the authenticity and trust that consumers place in influencers, then what does? As your trusted expert in marketing, Urban Link would love to hear more about your influencer marketing needs. Click below to let us know how we can help get your campaign started.

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